Heritage plastering services


You can be sure that your property will be restored and conserved for future generations to appreciate.

We're craftsmen who are passionate about preserving and maintaining the techniques, skills and knowledge of materials; in order to work on period homes and buildings.

A large and important aspect of working on historical properties is undoubtedly the materials. The finest natural; limes, quality sands and timber products (such as hand-split riven oak and chestnut lath) are essential; not-only to keep the conservation officer happy, but to ensure your property has been given a; permeable, more forgiving plaster for which the historical building was originally designed to work with.

Our wealth of experience and proven skill means that we are called upon to for a wide variety of fascinating projects; be it restoring 12th century mud hovels (using natural clay, limes and local sands) to plastering the most impressive stately homes that can be found nationwide.

Most people simply cannot fail to be amazed at the sheer scope of skills and knowledge required to be involved in the restoration of heritage buildings.

Not only do we endevour to reproduce and match the correct methods and materials for the job in question but we carry out the work in a caring and sympathetic manner which these buildings deserve.

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Why choose RD Allsop plastering...

Passionate about preserving traditional skills through ongoing investment in training

Vast experience with fat and hydraulic limes, hand split riven and sawn lath, reed ceilings and studwork

Committed work force able tackle restoration and conservation projects from any historical period

Material analysis service, dedicated to matching existing techniques and styles